Artist needed


ASWWII is a classical old school turn-based wargame with the objective of combining features present in different wargames but never combined in one.

Its main feature is the combining of operational level and the tactical level.

At the operational level are taken decisions which consist in planning operations which must lead to victory. Moving units, launching aerial operations, handling the logistic.
• The operational map is made of areas
• The operational units are classic nato symbols

At the tactical level and as consequence of operations, the units fight on the battlefield.

• The tactical maps are made of hexagons
• The tactical units are miniatures

That means there are 2 sets of graphics.

Graphics assets

Graphic Engine
Currently the game is built with the Xna framework as the graphic render engine. It will be converted to Monogame later.
This framework is made for 3d and 2d games so there is no problem to handle animations.
However it’s a turn-based game and animations are not required all over the game.
I think that some animations could be nice to see in UI and Operational level but they are more required at tactical level where the fights occur.

User Interface
I did my best but i have no skill in graphics so the assets are to be built.
Every suggestion about the interface logic will be welcome but unless i find it’s really a great idea, the interface logic can be considered as defined.

Operational Level
The map is a bitmap map (png). The only constraints are
the max size (4000 x 4000 px) .
the map areas have to be polygons.

This map is important because it’s the main entrance to the game.

The units are nato symbols. All the infos are programmatically drawn on the nato symbol.

Tactical Level
The tactical level is the level where the player will spend most time.
It has to be much more nice to the eyes than today.

The maps
Today, there are about 20 tactical Maps.
Initially i built an ingame map editor and the map was a combination of hexagon tiles.

I was not satisfied with the result. So i switched to hexdraw editor. The maps are built with this editor exported to a bitmap map then i use my editor to apply the topographics.
I want to keep the tiles logic because it will allow a procedural map generator.
However i want also maps more beautiful than today so the question is can we make tiles nice to see ?
For example would it be possible to have different tiles which can be randomly combined, to avoid uniformity of tiles ( programmatically i can do that but what about the render result ?)

Of course all the assets required on a map are needed.
Some assets are terrain modifier during a fight (holes, building partially destroyed…)

The tactical units are the main problem of the rendering of this game.
They are built with the junior general materials.
At first i choose the top down view miniatures but i found them difficult to see.
The top down view especially for vehicles is good for the facing and a more realistic feeling of the battlefield. However for infantry units it’s difficult to distinguish units at least with the junior general miniatures.

So i switched to a silhouette view, easier to distinguish the units but less immerisve for movement and firing.
The question is, is it possible to have top down units nice to see. If a pure topdown view is not possible maybe a 2d isometric (map will remain in pure 2d).

Animations for firing. (movement possible)

Feel free to use Contact form if you”re interested in joining the adventure.