Game Features

       OP&TAC Normandy 44 

  • Operational and Tactical Game on WWII West Front
  • Turn based IGOUGO
  • 20+ Tactical Maps with a good old times hexagonal grid
  • All tactical maps are generated from operational areas.
  • Persistent changes due to fights on tactical maps.
  • Tactical units carried over between fights.
  • Tactical fights with 100 + units per side. 
  • Tactical Map Editor (can import/export bitmap) and Randomized generator
  • Tactical Scenario Editor 
  • PBEM ready

The game is based on an engine built to play at operational and tactical levels.

Manage resources, operations, strategic moves at operational level and fight at tactical level.

Features scheduled after release :

  • Operational Scenario Editor with OOB Editor and MAP importer.