05/22/2018 Operational Situation WIP

The map at operational level has not been reworked by our artist so it’s a very very WIP screenshot in terms of graphics. However functionally it’s at a beta stage. Operational level situation after the battle of Sainte Mère l’Eglise . German troops have retreated and battles have to be fought West and North of

05/22/2018 – First screenshots ingame WIP

First screenshot for a very early wip game. Attack of north of Sainte-Mère-Église. Several US airborne rifle squads. A German mortar squad KIA on the road. The mini map shows in yellow the current side units already moved (green not moved, red enemy) The red square is the current view displayed on main map. 100

Smooth borders algorithm

Attempting to implement Red Blob’s (Amit was probably born in an hexagonal world ) algorithm Thanks to Amit for sharing all his impressive knowledge. Bad Implementation ….   Much better now    

New artist promising

After some research i’ve finally found a skilled artist who makes some trials on top-down units. It sounds promising and if we can have a good deal, i think the game is on the right track.