INTRODUCTION ASWWII was designed with the objective of providing the player with a game to simulate tactical engagements during the Second World War.
These engagements are the result of operations at an operational level and the result of tactical engagements impacts the continuation of operations.
This game therefore includes 2 levels, an operational level that can be from the scale of the battalion to that of the division where the Chief of Staff decides mainly the movement of units, their supply refitting and air operations.
These actions result in confrontations resolved on a tactical scale.
The projection at the tactical level is directly proportional to the balance of power of the operational engagement, and the characteristics of the units (morale, quality, ammunition ...) are directly inherited from the operational level.
The tactical level is played at the squad level. Maps are of 50x50 Hexes of 20 meters so the tactical map is 1Km² size.
The operational level has been designed as an intelligent and interesting generator of tactical combats, providing them an objective and thus allowing for greater immersion.
Whether at the operational level or the tactical level the game has the fog of war and a persistence of the consequences of the fighting. For example, the terrain elements of tactical maps that are destroyed during combat remain destroyed throughout the game. The game is turn-based at the operational and tactical level, with a zone map at the operational level and a map of hexagons at the tactical level.
The game was designed to allow a large number of modifications by the players themselves. Modding tools will be made available.
The first module is devoted to American airborne operations preceding the Allied landings on June 6, 1944.
The game ends at 12h00 am. Victory Conditions are the following:
  • 0-600 => Total Defeat
  • 601-1200 => Major Defeat
  • 1201-1600 => Minor Defeat
  • 1601-2200 => Draw
  • 2201-2800 => Minor Victory
  • 2801-3400 => Major Victory
  • 3401-3800 => Total Victory
Operational Game Refit Stage

The operational map is divided in areas. Each area has its own movement cost and connections with other areas. An area can be a refit source, which means it can receive resources each turn.

An area can receive also ammo or supply by airdrop during the strategic operations stage.

During the refit stage, units can be resupplied if

  • they are in an area which is a refit source and have stockpile of resources (Ammo Supply Strength)
  • they are in an area where an HQ unit is present and linked to a refit source (only for Ammo and Supply)
  • they are in an area where Supply or Ammo have been airdropped.

During the refit stage units available in the bottom central box can be deployed in a refit source area owned by the player.

Operational Game StratOps Stage During the Strategic Operations stage, it is possible to engage some air operations like Interdiction, Air strike, Airdrop of troops, supply, ammo or reconnaissance operation.
Given the fact the game start at night all operations are not available.
Note that as an allied commander, you will have to airdrop your airborne units during this stage.
The airborne drops during the "overlord" operation were rather difficult. Many men were lost during the landing, so expect to have a high percent of losses. The drop zone you decide is not necessarily the one the unit will land on.
Be aware that once your units are on map after an airdrop, you can't see the enemy units in this area until you will be in movement stage. This to avoid too much unrealistic targeting for your airborne troops.
In fact the american airborne operations during D-day were not really successful, most objectives assigned were fullfilled by the units landed on the beaches.
So you job is clear. Do better. 

Operational Game Movement Stage The movement stage is a classic stage. Click on a unit, chosse an area click on it and the unit will move. If the area contains enemy, a fight will be triggered. It will be resolved during the combat stage.
If your unit has been airdropped in the previous stage, it can't move
You can see now the units in the vicinity but not beyond the close areas.

Operational Game Combat Stage During this stage occur the tactical fights. Choose a fight and click on tactical game in the bottom center box
The tactical game will start loading the tactical oorder of battle and the tactical map
Alternatively you can choose either to resolve the fight with the internal logicof the game, or to use your favorite miniatures then type the result in percent losses.

Operational Game Combat manual resolution Type the results.

Operational Game Combat automatic resolution

Tactical Game Deployment Stage The deployment map is divided in 2 zones about 25/75. The 25 percent zone is for the attacker and the 75 for the defender.
However this partition doesn't occur if the operational unit has been airdropped. In this case the tactical units are all over the map and the player has no deployment stage. This is to simulate the disorganization following an airdrop.
To may the deployment easier the units can be grouped. Press G key the units in the same company will be highlighted and will be redeployed together.

Tactical Game OffMap Support Stage This stage occurs only if there is an HQ unit committed in the fight at operational level. HQ have artillery attached to them, so, during tactical fight, they give their support by firing shells on targets you assign.
The artillery fires at the next turn after the player has assigned targets.

Tactical Game Action Stage During the action stage you move and attack. Attack can be of 2 kinds. Fire or assault if your unit is close to the enemy.
The movement requires the hexagon you want to reach is in your fov (field of view), you cannot reach hexagons you can't see. Select the unit and click on the hex you want to go.
If enemy is in sight move the mouse cursor over it. If it's in the range of one of your 2 weapons, a red target will be displayed with the odds of hit. Click and your unit will fire and the damages will be displayed.
If you're close to an enemy and your unit can assault, pressing the page down key will display the assault icon and click on the enemy will trigger the assault.
If you're in sight of too many enemies you can fire smoke if you have smoke ammo. Press the end key and click on the hex you want to smoke(one hexagon range if grenades)
Be aware that the field of view is very important. If all your units watch north and one enemy unit is one hex close in the south you won't see it. So change facing to be sure there are no enemies in vicinity
If a unit is covered by woods or any contruction it can't be seen unless you are in the next hex.However if a unit fires from a covered terrain, it becomes spotted and will keep being spotted as long as it doesn't move.

Tactical Game Chain of command The chain of command has a simple implementation. It could be improved in the future but there are other priorities. For now a unit belongs to a company and its losses impact the morale of the company. Also indirect fire when possible allows a unit to target what its commander can see.

Tactical Game Fighting
  • The tactical fight is range fire or assault.
  • The range fire result is at first determined by the odds of reaching the target. Once the unit is hit it can suffered damages. The damage that a unit can inflict depends of its weapon. The damage suffered will be the damage inflicted by the enemy corrected by the protection of the terrain and the experience of the unit and eventually its armor capacity.
  • Tank units can also destroy light buildings by firing on them.
  • An artillery shell can destroy a bridge.
  • To assault an enemy your unit have to be close to the enemy. Press the page down key then click on the enemy.

Tactical Game Fov The field of view of a unit can be seen by pressing F key.

Tactical Game Smoke Press the end key and click on the hex you want to smoke(one hex range if grenades)

Tactical Game How it ends The game lasts 30 laps of 1 minute, except if one side has 75%+ losses. In this case the game is over and one side is declared victorious.
If at the end of 30 laps no side is victorious the fight will be back at the other side's turn, unless it retreats from the battlefield.